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Welcome! to the home of Miracle German Shepherds.


There are some very special German Shepherd Dogs living and working just north of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Whether you want a dog for show, sport, family pet, protection, or just about anything else, the German Shepherd Dog delivers - especially to those who respect the intelligence, courage, devotion, loyalty and love they unconditionally give to their people.


In the spring of 2004, "Missile My Miracle" came into our lives quite unexpectedly. Missile brought with her a new world of love, laughter, adventure, hope, courage and ... miracles. We would like to share her joy.
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Miss Miracle” to read her story. 
Each miracle dog has his or her own page - just click on a name, and let us know who your favorite is!


We hope you enjoy our site.



You can email us at:  missile@miracleshepherds.com

We are signers of the Breeders Code Of Ethics and members of:  
The German Shepherd Dog Club of America, and
The German Shepherd Dog Club of Atlanta


miracle, n.

1.any amazing or wonderful occurrence;
a marvelous event.

2. see also …. German Shepherd Dog

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